Meet the aero-bots family

We put the Intelligence in Robots so they serve Humans Better



servo-bot is a multi-functional Autonomous Service Delivery Robot that can be deployed in hotels,  F&B outlets and commercial spaces.

Automatic Dial to Room Phone

Intelligent Environment Map Creation

Autonomous Lift Summon and Ride

Obstacle Avioidance

Automatic Return to Charge

Atomized Disinfection with 3m diameter range

Ultra Long Battery Life of up to 8 hours

Autonomous Elevator Riding

Obstacle Avioidance

Remote Monitoring and Control



Hero-bot is an Intelligent Building Disinfection Robot.  It replaces the labour required to continuously disinfect building surfaces, which are tiring, time-consuming and potentially harmful to health.  Hero-bot can carry out specific point-position disinfecting or disinfection during moving.



info-bot is a roving concierge that can greet guests, answer guests’ queries, and usher guests to their desired destinations.  info-bot can also broadcast content on its large LCD screen for advertising purposes.

A.I. Intelligent Voice Interaction

Large HD Display for Multimedia Interaction

Autonomous Elevator Riding

Autonomous Elevator Riding

Obstacle Avioidance

High precision Laser Radar with Machine Vision

High Capacity and robust Triple Rack Chassis

Intuitive Dual-screen operation

Autonomous and Obstacle Avoidance



bistro-bot can carry out accurate multi-point meal delivery, transporting food from the kitchen and collecting used utensils.

bistro-bot is also equipped with high-precision laser-radars, dual-screen operation and robust chassis.



open-bot is a universal intelligent mobile robot platform that can be easily integrated into a full robot system in any industry.

open-bot is stable and reliable, and possesses mature cognitive, positioning and sensing capabilities.

Universal Robot Base Platform that is adaptable to various usage scenarios


Modular display and sensors available


Rich API set to facilitate your own rapid development

Cloud backend for Remote Management and Data Analytics

Customers Worldwide

Miles Travelled

End User Served


Mission Success Rate


Who’s Using aero-bots?

aero-bots have been adopted by more than
600 hotels and offices worldwide